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Do You Need Help Navigating the Storms of Life?

I help parents, young adults, and teens learn essential coping skills they need to feel inner peace through the chaotic storms of life.


Within a few short weeks

  • Peace will replace anxiety

  • You will feel seen and heard 

  • You will feel the Spirit again

  • Family relationships will be easier to manage

  • You'll gain confidence to navigate the storms of life

  • You can move forward with faith instead of fear

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I've helped over a thousand women, young adults, and teens just like you

My life changed during and after working with Diane! I’m really glad that I did these sessions with her because it really helped me overcome my difficult experience of moving. ... I felt like Diane really tried to understand what I was going through so then she could show me methods that would help me. I’m really glad that I worked with her because she really helped me not just overcome, but understand how I felt!

Ashley H, teen client

She's always there to help me. I was really touched one day when she mentioned that she was going to pray about the struggles that we are having to help her come up with a plan. 

Rachel W, mom of teen client

It's nice to know that when things happen, that Diane is available and I can reach out to her either through email or text. She is really good at asking good, deep, hard questions. They really make you think. She's good at listening. She's always there and willing to help me.

Kenna A, client

My mom has more respect for me as a person, not just her daughter. I notice when she holds her tongue, and she is paying more attention to my emotional needs than she has in the past, which is really helpful.
I appreciate that my parents are willing to sacrifice a little control for my independence. I make smarter decisions instead of  impulse decisions. My parents give me emotional affection because they trust me so it’s easier to trust myself.

Emma H, teen client

Diane is not just a great listener, she also gives you tools to improve your life situation. I recommend her for kids, teenagers and adults alike. All ages in our family have benefited from her help and advice!

Michelle B, adult client

I was feeling so empowered after our session last week...  I'm so pleased with this work so far. I'm so glad we found you. 

Rachel W, adult client

My experience with Diane has been beyond helpful! She is amazing at holding me accountable for my goals while holding space and helping me see things from various perspectives when I become hyper critical of myself! She has been adaptive as my needs seem to change on a whim. She rolls with it and gives the most empathetic positive support!!

Summer N, adult client
I've been so grateful to have Diane to talk to as I've been going through recent trials. Her knowledge, sincerity, and genuine friendship have helped me gain a better understanding of myself and my emotions. The knowledge she's shared with me has been invaluable as I've been trying to figure out who I want to be and how to be happy with myself in all different circumstances. She has helped me take some real steps towards loving myself and becoming the person that I am striving to be.


Rachael R, adult client
It is very helpful to hear that I’m not the only one going through the things that I feel alone in. Diane is an amazing coach and she is really able to help me, relate to me, and figure out what is best for me. It is so amazing!! 

Kristen T, teen client

Diane shares helpful information, is funny, and good at using the gospel. She is very understanding, knowledgeable, not judgmental and really brings the spirit.

Elizabeth M, teen client

We appreciate your help with our daughter and helping us to be better parents to help her. It is worth every penny. I recommend any parents to reach out to her for a life coach.

Al and Amy, parents of teen client

After listening to Diane, I realized that the methods I was using were actually methods to push down emotions instead of actually coping with them. Now I have different options to try to actually cope in a healthy way. Diane is very real and relatable and gives me actual TOOLS for changing outcomes.

Kelsey M, young adult client

Diane’s coaching is very eye opening and I know this information can help me help my teens. She shares helpful information, is funny, and uses the gospel. She is very personable and entertaining while educating me.

Tracy T, adult client

Diane is basically the coolest! She just has the most loving and kind personality, and she really makes me feel important as a person. She is a good listener, and offers suggestions and asks questions in a way that allows you to help yourself, rather than her just telling you what to do. No matter what my current struggle or issue is, Diane never makes me feel bad, guilty, or ashamed of anything. She is understanding, non- judgmental, and really just an amazing life coach! I have come a long ways in several areas of my life with her help! She is amazing!

Ashley C, young adult client

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I offer a variety of options to fit your specific needs

Anxious Teen and ADHD Coaching

My highly successful coaching program for teens can help your teen manage strong emotions, understand their brain, and use their strengths to succeed in school.

Working with your teen takes the pressure off of you to hold them accountable for their work. 

Let's chat about how I can help your teen

Mama Mentoring Group Coaching

This is more than just a group coaching call, it's a close knit community of like minded women who are looking for ways to increase their own emotional resilience and mental health and the health of their loved ones. 

This membership group is a place where you can go to get ideas, solutions, support, connection, and the information you are looking for in a safe and gospel-based group.

With your own private membership site, you will have access to the best resources and tools that I use with my one-on-one clients in a simple format so you get to access them as long as you'd like.

The promotional price for the month of June is $59/month. I'd love to have you join me as we create the strong community of women that God needs us to be. 


Learn more here

Emotional Resilience Coaching for Missionaries

Do you have a future missionary preparing to serve? The most important thing they need to take with them is emotional resilience. In a 6 week interactive coaching experience, they will practice mission approved coping skills, how to manage anxiety, stress coping tools, accepting failure, communication skills, and resilience through the hardest times. 

This program gives them tools to help them have the best experience possible on their mission.

My future missionary wants to succeed!
I'm ready to connect on a discovery call!

Here's what you can expect when working with me

You determine your schedule - For your own convenience, you schedule, change, and cancel your own appointments.

Easy and convenient - Three 45 minutes sessions each month for 6 months. 

Clear path ahead - Working together, we will discover the path that's just for you.

ADHD teen coaching - Weekly 25 minute calls to follow through with goals and accountability plus additional support for you. You get to have someone else help your teen get things prioritized, done, and turned in.

Session notes and goals - I will email you the goals and session notes each time we meet so you can refer back to them.

Here when you need me - You and/or your teen get additional support via email/messaging for the entire 6 months. 

On-demand content - I send you the best content, videos, worksheets, and visual aids available, all backed by the latest science and teachings of the Savior.

Flexible coaching - Your coaching sessions can be used for any member of your family, saving you time and money vs paying for each individual family member.

The latest in research - Each year I invest thousands into my own education so you don't have to.

Custom missionary support - My unique experience with young adults and missionaries will provide tools they can use the rest of their lives.

Refuge and peace - When you weave the best-proven social science with the gospel, you will begin to feel God's love and see His hand in your life. There absolutely is peace in Christ. I can get you there.

I include with all my premium coaching packages: 


bonus one-on-one session you or a loved one can use any time you need the extra support. ($225 value!)

A starter bundle filled with goodies and mailed to you to help you get a jump start on your journey. ($67 value!)

Unlimited support on weekends, evenings, holidays, or whenever you need some encouragement, not just during sessions.


I am confident that coaching will change your life forever. 


However, If, after your first paid session, you decide it's not for you, I'll cancel your contract and refund your money.

How do I know if I should work with a coach or therapist? 


Here's how you can decide if coaching is the right answer for you or your teen

You may feel confused about whether you should choose a therapist or a coach. This is a common question and you're not alone! In this video I explain how to know which one is for you and what you want to look for in a coach.

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Can coaching actually help me? 

Do any of these apply to you? 

✔️ Would you love your home to be a home of peace? 

✔️Is your home a refuge for your family?

✔️Have you been looking for your teen's "How to Raise Me" manual and find it missing (or never got one)? 

✔️Do you feel like you're making things up as you go?

✔️Do you need someone to support you and back you up? 

✔️Are you resilient? 

✔️Would you like to have the skills to teach your family emotional resiliency? 

✔️Do you have a missionary getting ready to go on a mission? 

✔️Do you or your teen have ADHD?

✔️Do you yell?

✔️Are you a perfectionist?

✔️Do you not know how to connect with your teen? 

✔️Are you empty nesting?

✔️Are you afraid of failing? 

✔️Have you forgotten who you are and what you love?

✔️Are you turning into your parents (in not the best way)?

✔️Do you fight with your teen?

✔️Are you a lawnmower parent?

✔️Are you or your teen angry?

✔️Do you have goals that you want to reach?

✔️Do you need accountability to be successful?

✔️Are you relying on your kids or spouse to meet your needs?

✔️Are you or your teen having a faith crisis?

✔️Do you have a hard time saying no?

✔️Are your boundaries messy?

✔️Do you set goals that are way too big?

✔️Has it been awhile since you've felt the Spirit?

✔️Do you or your teen get anxious?

✔️Are you scared that your teens will fail?

✔️Is your teen withdrawn?

✔️Does your teen really talk to you about the big things? 

✔️Does your teen have a hard time managing their time?

✔️Are you yelling?

✔️Is your teen a perfectionist?

✔️Is your teen failing classes at school?

✔️Does your teen seem distracted?

✔️Does your teen lie to you?

✔️Is your teen struggling to stay organized?


If you answered yes to any of these questions - 

Then Coaching is Right For You! 

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About me

This is more than just a job for me. It's personal.


As a mom of 7 kids, each with their own unique challenges, the resources I needed didn't exist.

I was struggling, drowning, and searching for any support to help me.
Tearfully I would kneel by my bed with my heart achingpleading to my Heavenly Father for answers to my kids problems.
I felt so alone. I didn't know who to trust or where to turn.  
Now my mission is to ensure no parent ever feels as lost and alone as I did.
I am passionate about helping others navigate the storms of life by teaching emotional resilience grounded in scripture yet delivered with humor and love so they feel embraced in God’s love leading to peace and refuge
I am an internationally certified coach with 7 unique kids, 6 grandkids, and over 27 years of parenting, teaching, and mentoring thousands of parents and teens.
I hold certifications from the Certified Coaching Alliance and International Coaching Federation. As a certified facilitator for Guiding Good Choices, I eagerly serve parents throughout my county. I've spent over $10,000 dollars on additional training, coaching, and education because I believe in the power of coaching.
I am honored to work HOPE squads as well as with my county Suicide Prevention Coalition and my local Communities That Care organizations.
I love teaching Institute and speaking at community and religious events across the state. 

 I offer guidance and support and help you and your teens with the current challenges they face. This world isn't easy. But with the right tools, mindset, and faith in God, we will make it through together!

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Frequently Asked Questions

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