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Emotional Resilience Grounded in Scripture


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My life changed during and after working with Diane! I’m really glad that I did these sessions with her because it really helped me overcome my difficult experience of moving. ... I felt like Diane really tried to understand what I was going through so then she could show me methods that would help me. I’m really glad that I worked with her because she really helped me not just overcome, but understand how I felt!

Ashley H, teen client

I've been so grateful to have Diane to talk to as I've been going through recent trials. Her knowledge, sincerity, and genuine friendship have helped me gain a better understanding of myself and my emotions. The knowledge she's shared with me has been invaluable as I've been trying to figure out who I want to be and how to be happy with myself in all different circumstances. She has helped me take some real steps towards loving myself and becoming the person that I am striving to be.

 Rachael R

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Emily's anxiety was so high she would sit in her car at school instead of going inside.

  • A new student in a new city, Emily would hide in the bathroom or gym locker rooms at school.
  • Her grades began to drop
  • She wasn't making new friends, opting to stay in her room instead
  • Her mind would go blank when she tried to do her homework, so she stopped trying
  • When it was time to go to bed she would lay there, trying to sleep, while her thoughts just spun.
  • Her parents were at a total loss with what to do. Nothing they tried was helping.

Using the tools in my course Emotional Resilience Grounded in Scripture, Emily

  • Understood how her brain worked and why she felt the way she did and what to do about it
  • She quickly adapted her favorite tools to help her go to class and get her work done
  • If she needed help from a teacher, she wasn't afraid of asking
  • Her grades came up
  • She participated in church activities without being forced
  • Making really great friends became easy
  • She finally felt happy again, like she was before her family moved

Makenzie refused to go to her therapist one more time.

  • Nothing helped her anxiety so she had lost hope
  • Her therapist seemed rushed and just talked 
  • She wasn't sleeping well, no matter what she tried
  • Her parents couldn't understand why she felt so anxious and kept trying to "fix" it
  • She was reading the scriptures and saying her prayers, but she felt like God wasn't there
  • She hated doing anything social because she was sure everyone around her was judging her

After working through the tools in my course Emotional Resilience Grounded in Scripture, Makenzie

  • Learned how to quiet her thoughts at night so she could finally sleep
  • Discovered how to find moments of joy and connection with her Heavenly Father every single day
  • Learned how to communicate what she was feeling with her parents so they could understand 
  • Began reaching out to other young women who felt lonely so she could help them
  • Loved learning how her brain worked 
  • Understood that although life was hard, she had the ability to make it through hard things
  • Began a gratitude journal and looked forward to writing in it every single night

My mom has more respect for me as a person, not just her daughter. I notice when she holds her tongue, and she is paying more attention to my emotional needs than she has in the past, which is really helpful.
I appreciate that my parents are willing to sacrifice a little control for my independence. I make smarter decisions instead of  impulse decisions. My parents give me emotional affection because they trust me so it’s easier to trust myself.

Emma H

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