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Homemade Noodle Fiasco (Plus a Great Recipe!)

failure and success parenting recipes Oct 22, 2020

My mom used to make homemade chicken noodle soup with homemade noodles.

I pretty much loved the noodles best. There was no such thing as too many noodles in my bowl of soup.

I've made homemade egg noodles occasionally. They take a lot of time to get them rolled out, cut into strips and then cooked into a soup. 

However, I have been on an “I need a pasta roller so I can make all the homemade noodles” kick recently. I keep browsing through all the different types of pasta rollers on Amazon and just haven’t been able to commit yet. So I decided to borrow one from a friend to try it out and see if I like it.

Friday night I made up a nice double batch of homemade noodles and got ready to cook them in a big pot of boiling water. I decided to make the first recipe that came up in my google search. I followed it closely. The last step told me to add them to boiling salted water and stir. “Cook to al-dente” was as much info as I got for the time frame.

Regular noodles usually cook for 9 - 11 minutes so I started on my next task as they happily boiled away. After about 10 minutes I checked on them. Hmmm… They seemed too soft. Maybe they needed to cook longer to firm up a bit? Checking the instructions again, I decided to leave them in for another few minutes longer to see if that was the problem. But after 20 total minutes of cooking, they were looking pretty sad.

It’s now 8 pm and I’m starving. I stare at my noodles wondering what I did wrong. I take them off the heat to drain and do a quick search on my phone for how long homemade noodles from other recipes should be cooked.

Google lets me know that 1 - 2 minutes is all that’s needed for homemade pasta.


I look at the noodles now clumped together in the bottom of the colander and the picture on the freshly cooked noodles on the screen of my phone. My noodles definitely don’t compare. My stomach rumbles. As I peer once again at the gluey noodles, I can almost hear them snickering back at me.

Since I’ve been listening to a historical fiction book about the San Francisco earthquake of 1906 and everyone in the book is starving, I’m pretty convinced I’m starving too and I help myself to my rubbery glop of overcooked noodles.

The stomach ache the next morning is a sign my stomach didn’t appreciate the noodles any more than any of the rest of my family members did.

Shoot. One more note to self in my very large book of lessons learned.

Why is failure such a good teacher for me? I learn so much faster through my mistakes than any other means. I am working on my mindset when it comes to mistakes. But the underlying shame monster that tells me, "Unless you are perfect, you are not good enough," seems to make it’s presence known time and again.

I’m also very determined to make these noodles work. So I make another large batch of noodles and try again.

Then I tweak a few things and try some more.

7 batches later I’ve got myself some noodles that are looking pretty good! When I served them to my family last night with some spaghetti sauce my husband didn’t even know they were homemade!

But it took 7 batches and hours and hours of work.

Ironically I also have 7 kids.

Oh the mistakes I’ve made. If my kids were batches of homemade pasta, some of them would have disintegrated back into flour and evaporated into the hood of my stove before being fished out. And that’s only if they even made it into the pot. They would have been too gooey, too dry, too tough, too lanky, too tender, too salty, and too everything else you can think of.

Each time I think I have the “recipe” right for how to deal with a particular situation, the elements change slightly and I’m scratching my head trying to brainstorm what I need to do next to figure things out.

One pasta recipe I watched was from Jamie Oliver - who throws a little flour and water into a bowl, pinches it with his fingers until it comes together, rolls it into a perfect rectangle then rolls it up and cuts it into little strips. The process took like 4 minutes and It looks so easy!

Watching Jamie Oliver cook looked just as easy as I thought having kids was going to be before I even became a mom. I used to look at motherhood and figured I was going to be fine! I was the oldest of 6 kids. I was an awesome and well liked babysitter. I played with cousins and the neighborhood kids a lot.

I knew how to do kids. Throw together a little of this and that, roll it out, and BAM! Perfect kids!

So as I sat there on Friday night feeling like a failure, I realized that the process of learning comes in different ways to each of us. And as painful and gloppy as my lessons may be, I can use them to help other parents in the same boat.

My goal is to help parents avoid the same mistakes that I’ve made. I help parents with their unrealistic expectations of perfection as they parent their strong and unique kids. I help parents overcome the challenges of parenting in this fast changing world that we live in. I help families see the TRUTH, improve communication, and create homes that have the harmony they are looking for.

I teach you how to be a resilient, determined, resolute parent mixed with a whole lot of grit.

You’ll still make mistakes. But you’ll learn from them much quicker and avoid the terrible pitfalls I’ve experienced. You’ll learn the skills, techniques, abilities, conversations, patterns, and habits that have been researched by some of the best parenting experts around. Add that to the lessons I can teach you from my epic failures, and you'll have a valuable resource you can’t find anywhere else.

So when you’re staring at that little human that’s yours and trying to figure out what you could do to create a beautiful masterpiece, consider jumping on board for a little help and guidance.

Schedule a free parenting transformation appointment today! I’m on your side and would love to have a conversation with you about who your kids need you to become. <3 Click here to schedule!

Look at all those noodles! Don’t they look delicious?

Here’s the best performing recipe!

You can find it here…


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