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Guest Post: Kristin’s Vulnerable Journey to Love Her Body at Any Size

love parenting self-compassion story teens Mar 31, 2022

I asked my daughter Kristin, if I could share something she posted on social media. She taught me a lot and gave me a lot of experience when she was a teenager. I am really proud of how far she has come. I didn't think I'd make it through some of those teenage years. But I am a much better human because of the challenges we faced. I appreciate her vulnerability. 

Guest post by Kristin Callister (find her here)

A video popped up in my Facebook memories today. It was taken by my sister, Rachael, back when I was 16 years old. I enjoyed seeing the 16 year old version of myself and was proud to show it to my husband, Ryan, basically telling him he would've had a crush on me if he had known me then. My hair was long and beautiful and I was so cute. And very very skinny. My body definitely doesn't look like that anymore, which made me sad upon first watching the video. But let me tell you some other things about that time in my life.
I was definitely not at peace with my body. I was anorexic. I skipped breakfast daily because I realized my little flab of tummy fat would be sunken in for the day if I did. I stopped eating meat in at effort to be skinnier. I got to the point where I starved myself so frequently that I stopped being able to sense hunger cues. I was weak. I obsessed over clothing choices, only wearing things that were tight and made me look skinny. I didn't even wear loose t-shirts, always tying them with a hair tie so they were tight. I constantly sucked in my stomach whenever I stood or walked around. And yet, my body still wasn't good enough. I was SO self conscious.
Let me tell you about myself now. I am heavier than I've ever been (although I don't weigh myself anymore) except during the height of my pregnancy. But I am working on being at peace with my body. I don't fight food or my body anymore. I give myself freedom to eat whatever I want, whenever I want and I enjoy it! You know what's amazing? My body literally created a little human! And I have the stretch marks and loose, flabby skin to prove it! I don't look like a teenager anymore, I look like an adult woman. And that's okay! I'm not a teenager anymore. Any you know what's cool? With my focus on physical activity, I think I'm at one of the strongest points in my life too! My calves have never been bigger. I love all the things my body can do for me and try to focus on them. I'm working to embrace the book title: "Your Body Is an Instrument, Not an Ornament" by Lindsay Kite.
It's easy to wish I still fit in smaller clothing or I looked differently, but I wouldn't trade the progress I've made now for anything. I am learning to love my body just the way it is. And I hope that's something that everyone can learn to do.

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