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How Often Do You Feel Joy?

joy love peace May 05, 2022

Occasionally I see signs that catch my eye.


Picture one was taken at the Utah State Capitol in the women's bathroom.

My first thought - "Um, who does that?"

My second thought was "HOW?!?" I realize I'm no acrobat, but I can't imagine that strategy being successful for anyone I know.

Picture two was taken at the airport in Amsterdam. It's their exit sign. I wonder if they are in a hurry when they exit places because the little guy looks like he's really got somewhere to go.

Picture three was taken in Utrecht, Netherlands. The picture is a bit fuzzy because it was foggy and rainy when I took it, but if you look closely, it's two people holding hands crossing a crosswalk together with a heart between them. Cute, right?

Picture four was taken at the Dom Cathedral, Utrecht, Netherlands. Maybe people need help sitting?

We look for signs all around us. Signs to help us get to the places we need to go, find services we need, and help us complete tasks.

Do you ever find yourself looking for signs from heaven?

I'm learning that signs from heaven come in an assortment of ways to different people.

  • I have a friend who looks for  butterflies. Every time she sees one she knows it's God telling her that He is aware of her.
  • Another friend looks for  pennies on the ground. That's her sign that there is someone in heaven who is there watching over her.

In December, I began looking for signs that God is aware of me by keeping my eyes open for signs of His love. I wanted to not just feel His love for me, but I wanted to feel it in a moment of joy. 

Ever since I began looking, I have experienced a moment of joy every. single. day. 

I find them in -

  • Sunsets
  • Kids laughing
  • Morning peace
  • Kind message from a friend
  • The welcoming smile from an old friend
  • Sunrises from my bedroom window
  • My favorite pillow
  • The colors that surround me
  • Creativity
  • Opportunities to serve
  • Tears of love
  • The end of a long day and the beginning of another one
  • Good food
  • Abundance around me

At first, I was shocked. How did I miss these moments before? Have they always been there?

The more I looked for joy, the more I found. In moments where I wasn't sure where to look, I realized that I could create them.

About a month into this experiment someone posted this question in a Facebook group of moms.

"How often do you feel joy?"

The answers of other mothers made my heart ache. The majority of the women who answered said rarely or never.

I wanted to reach out to each of them, embrace them, and share what I've discovered. 

Although life is hard and full of lots of difficult and painful experiences, you CAN feel joy.

God wants us to feel joy. He wants to bless us with tiny experiences that help us know He is there and that He loves us.

Feeling love for others fills my heart with joy. Knowing I can make a difference in someone's life also fills my heart with happiness.

If you look, you'll find it.

Let me know if you need help. I would LOVE to show you how you can also feel joy in your life. 




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