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How I Learned to Stick a Needle in It

emotional intelligence emotional resilience emotions failure and success parenting story survivor teens Mar 08, 2022

Several years ago, my 13 year old son, Matthew, had terrible intense allergies. We gave him all types of medication in all forms to try to help him trudge through his day. His brain was foggy and he couldn't see through his watery eyes to get his homework done. He often called me from school with his eyes swollen and red. He took showers morning and evening. We washed his pillowcase all the time and kept the windows closed in the house. He hardly ever went outside.

We decided to see an ENT who suggested that they run a skin allergy test. As they began the test, we began to understand why he was struggling so much. He was allergic to nearly everything - with some reactions quite intense.

We began the weekly visits to get allergy shots shortly after the tests. They created 3 vials of fluid with small amounts of the allergens in each one. As his body acclimated to the allergens, they would increase the amount of fluid given and then the amount of allergens in the fluid.

2 years later, he was finally to a point where they could consolidate his meds into one vial without a serious risk of complications when he got the injections. They told us we could give the injections to him at home for the next year. 

Giving my teenage son a weekly shot sounded like no big deal- at first. I had friends tell me it was no big deal. I like medical stuff. Blood doesn't bother me. I was completely confident that I would be just fine. 

I had never actually given a shot before though, so when the moment came for his first shot, I looked at the supplies sitting on my counter and panicked a little.

I knew that I could give him a shot but I didn't know how. Did I just jab it in his arm? How fast or slow do I push the liquid in? How do I know if the needle is in the correct spot? What if I hit a bone? What if I hit an artery? 😨😨😨 What did I get myself in to??? My confidence was totally deflated. 

I called my nurse friend, Sandy, to come to my rescue. She calmly talked me through the process as she showed me the correct way to clean the top of the vial, clean Matthew's arm, draw the injection into the needle, where and how to insert the needle into his arm, how to push the liquid in, what to do with the needle when I was done, and what to watch for right after. 

She was a pro. I tried to memorize every step she took. The next week I asked her to come over again and watch to make sure I was doing it right. I did pretty good until I was supposed to jab it into his arm. She showed me how to do it again. The following week she patiently watched as I did it all on my own.

My confidence has begun to steadily grow.

The last few weeks I have been able to give my son his shot on my own while remaining calm. The more I practice, the less uncomfortable I get and the easier the process becomes.

Learning and practicing new emotional coping skills is the same way.

I find that my clients need, want, and search for the skills. Once you learn about a coping skill, getting the skill implemented in a way that is works is the hard part.

If our success was based on simply reading about what we need to do when we're feeling crippling anxiety, we wouldn't have such a widespread emotional pandemic happening around us.

It takes someone to calmly walk you through the process to learn, prepare, explain, and implement the available tools that creates success.

I hire incredible coaches for myself. I seek for coaches who:

  • I connect with
  • Have the skills and experience the I'm looking for
  • Give me the hard answers that really work
  • Call me out on my limiting beliefs and false ideas
  • Makes me think
  • Helps me unpack the stories in my head
  • Empowers me to become the person I want to become
  • Believes in me
  • Shows me how to tune out the noise and tune into God

Coaching has worked miracles in my life. I will always have a coach.

If you know what you want to do but you don't know how to do it, coaching may be the answer for you too. 

You will be able to create more inner peace and peace in your home when you find the right person to help you get there.

See you next week!



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