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The Power of Prayer

family love peace prayer story suicide prevention May 12, 2022

My heart skips a beat and I feel like I can't get enough air. I reread the message from my family member. It's short and to the point. 

"I am checking into a mental health inpatient facility. I will be there for 4-7 days. I won't have my phone."

My vision blurs as my mind races to figure out what is going on. I read the message again and again. My mind finally grasps what they are saying.

I am overwhelmed with gratitude that this family member had the courage and strength to get the help they needed. 

I am terrified at what might have led them to need the help in the first place.

I am grateful for good facilities throughout the United States. 

I am unsure of what I should do, could do, and need to do to help them.

In the middle of the messy thoughts and emotions, one thought gently breaks through the fog.


I stop where I am and bow my head, tears filling my eyes as I desperately plead with my Heavenly Father. Please bless ______ with peace. Help _____  know how much they are loved. I don't know what to do. Guide me to what I should do.

I feel frustrated with myself. I work with people who have mental health struggles almost daily. I am involved with our local Suicide Prevention Coalition, HOPE squads, and local communities. I am passionate about saving lives. 

Heavenly Father, what if I can't save this person's life?

I feel comfort and assurance that God is in control and that He knows what He's doing.

The next morning through the miracle of Zoom, we gather together as a family. My missionary, my son in the Netherlands, and the rest of my kids in other various places throughout the United States, all take a moment to kneel together and pray as a family.

It's one of the most powerful experiences I've had.

I asked God for unseen help from both sides of the veil. I pleaded for angels to attend my family member. I asked for peace to fill our hearts.

Separated by thousands of miles, we could still feel that beautiful assurance that everything was in God's hands.

The Spirit would help us know if there was anything we needed to do.

God loves this family member more than anyone else could imagine. He is taking care of things.

As the days passed, we waited to hear that our family member was home again and doing better.

When we got the news, we thanked God again. We once again felt the peace that comes only through the Spirit. 

There are times in this journey we have on the earth that peace is a precious commodity. It can't be purchased at a store. We can't find it in movies or media. The true source of peace is the love our Heavenly Father has for us and our Savior's atonement. They love us and want us to feel that calm reassurance that they are aware of us in our struggles.

I'll continue to do my part in my little corner of the world, helping others see their worth, coaching them through their own mental health struggles, and spreading God's love to the many humans that need to feel that love. 

If you need to feel that love, pray. Pray with authenticity. Pour your heart out to your Heavenly Father and allow His peace to fill your heart. 

God is there for you. 


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