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The Treasured Memories We Hold On To

grief memories recipes May 03, 2022

There are a lot of things I learned from my Grandma Cummings. One of them was how to make divinity. 


☝️ THIS is the recipe she used for her candy 😋 

The marshmallow-y goodness of her divinity drove me to eat a whole lot of it when she made it. I loved it and eventually went to her house early so I could watch and help her make it each New Year's Eve. 

I got pretty good at it and would make it at home occasionally.

Traditions help link us to past generations of our ancestors. Now that my grandparents are gone, I am so grateful for the legacy they passed on to me. I love the memories I have of spending time with them. I love the talents they passed on to me. 

I have a client that was mourning the passing of her mom this past year. Mourning during the holidays is a challenging process that can create an ache in our hearts that feels like it will never end. 

The emptiness of a loved one's passing never completely goes away. We still think of them and long to feel their presence, especially during holidays and special events. 

However, the "grief box" such as the one talked about  HERE helps us visualize how that ache can change over time.

You can share your memories with those you love by writing, telling stories about, and continuing traditions you picked up from them. Their memories will live on through you. 

What traditions, stories, recipes, and memories do you cherish when you think about those you love who have passed on?

What are you willing to do to pass those memories on to your posterity?

Catch the podcast here with my friend Stephanie Francom, writing coach, personal coach, director of Rare Faith programs, and co-founder of Roof Top publishing to hear some creative ideas on how to catch and record those memories! (

Start today by sharing a favorite family recipe with a loved one or friend.

Peace in our homes come when we hold on to true treasures. 

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