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The Journey From Overwhelmed and Anxious to Equipped to Find Peace


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I Will Be Your Guide

  • I understand how challenging it can be to try to help your child when you don't have all the answers yourself.
  • I've been there. I have seven children, each with their own challenges. I've made many of the same mistakes and learned a lot in my parenting journey.
  • When it comes to parenting, it's easy to be overwhelmed to know the best way to help your child navigate their teen years.
  • It's easy to feel helpless when you haven't been given the tools you need

Life is Going to Be Hard

I can't take away the hard things but I can help you learn how to get through them. I do this by giving parents the knowledge, coping tools, support, and skills they need to become emotionally intelligent and more resilient than they ever thought possible. This equips them to help their own teens with their struggles.

As a parent guide and teen resilient coach, I'm certified as an ICF and CCA coach as well as licensed in Guiding Good Choices and suicide prevention training. I've helped hundreds of parents and teens use emotional intelligence skills to navigate their lives and create homes of peace.

One-on-one coaching is the fastest and easiest path to peace in yourself, your teen, and your home.


Easy and convenient - three 45 minutes sessions each month, held over Zoom, for 6 months.

Here when you need me - additional support via messaging for the entire 6 months. (Between the hours of 9 am and 7 pm Monday through Friday)

On-demand content - through my online Come Home to Peace bundle resource kit where you can view, download, and get support materials anytime.

Flexible coaching - my coaching sessions can be used for any member of your family, saving you time and money vs paying for each individual family member.

Refuge and peace - when we weave the best-proven social science with the gospel, you will begin to feel God's love and see His hand in your life. There absolutely is peace in Christ.


 Book in the month of December and I'll include -

bonus one-on-one session you or a loved one can use any time you need the extra support. ($225 value!)

A starter bundle mailed to you to help you get a jump start on your journey.

Let's get started!


If, after your first paid session, you don't feel like this will be valuable to you and change your life for the better,

I'll cancel your contract and refund your money. 

I look forward to talking with you. 


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