I'm ready to become more resilient!

We've known that the family, the central unit of society, has been under attack for decades.


Recently we've watched Satan attack even more ferociously than ever. Our kids are more anxious and our society is in constant chaos. It's time to strengthen our family unit and learn to talk about our mental health as much as we talk about our physical health. 

We must become more RESILIENT than we ever have before. 


There is help 

Our loving Heavenly Father has provided more ways to get support. Today we have additional revelation and innovative tools to help us know how to combat the influence of Satan.

We understand the human brain more completely than ever before. We know how to effectively manage our minds, thoughts, feelings, and actions. We have remarkable resources that weren't available when we were young. 

As we share our experiences and learn from each other, we will feel the strength that comes from a community of others who are fighting the same battles.

You knew how to 

Build Hope

Build Tools

Build Strength

Build Resilience

Move into Peace

You had the necessary







The adversary had

Less influence

Less power

Less control

Fewer weapons

If this is what you're looking for, you've come to the right place!

I help members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints navigate the storms of life by teaching Emotional Resilience grounded in scripture yet delivered with humor and love so they feel embraced in God’s love leading to peace and refuge.

This 12 week group coaching course is for adults and youth who are ready to:

Build Hope

Build Tools

Build Strength

Build Resilience

Move into Peace

I am ready for my family to become more resilient!

 Step 1 - Build HOPE

Here you'll create your fortress's foundation.

  • Drawing out a blueprint of long-term goals and expectations.
  • Recognizing, naming, and understanding emotions.
  • Discover the power of naming moods and teaching our families to name their moods too.
  • Understanding how your struggles work in God's plan for you and the role they play in your life.

Step 2 - Build TOOLS

Next, we will gather all the supplies and essential tools. 

  • We will begin searching through the nearly 100 coping tools that have proven successful for others.
  • Once we go through the tool options, we choose several to keep handy in your personal toolbox.
  • Testing the coping tools to ensure they work in any situation you are in will allow you to feel secure with your choices.

Step 3 - Build STRENGTH

We will fortify your fortress in this step.

  • Learn about your thinking patterns, limiting beliefs, and thinking errors.
  • Use the right type of communication that will help us be heard.
  • Discover your unique set of talents and gifts that you can use to triumph over your trials.
  • Check-in with your self-love, brain chatter, positive affirmations, and gratitude so you open your mind to loving yourself and others

Step 4 - Build RESILIENCE

Time to bring in the reinforcements! 

  • Watching for perfectionism.
  • Being aware of and battling addictions.
  • Getting rid of toxic thinking.
  • Looking at what you can and can't control.

Step 5 - Move into PEACE

Now that the physical work in our fortresses is done, we set the Spirit and tone of our fortress.

  • Strengthen your relationship with God. (this is the mortar, glue, and nails that hold our fortress together.)
  • Practice Spiritual Authenticity.
  • Review how heaven speaks to you and how to access the Spirit.
  • Use the power of the atonement to keep your fortress clean and uncluttered.

As a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, I am passionate about helping others navigate the storms of life by teaching emotional resilience grounded in scripture yet delivered with humor and love so they feel embraced in God’s love leading to peace and refuge. 

I am an internationally certified coach with 7 unique kids, 4 grandkids, and over 25 years of parenting, teaching, and mentoring youth.

I hold certifications from the Certified Coaching Alliance and International Coaching Federation. As a certified facilitator for Guiding Good Choices, I eagerly serve parents throughout my county.  I am honored to work with our local HOPE squads as well as with the Tooele County Suicide Prevention Coalition and the Grantsville Communities That Care organizations. 

I have had a variety of callings on the ward and stake levels. I have been a teacher in schools, seminary, professionally, and church and serve as a member of our stake's Mental Health Committee to offer mental health support to church leaders and their congregations community-wide.

I love speaking, teaching, and facilitating engaging and inspirational meetings for stakes, youth groups, girls camps, youth conferences, and firesides. 

Diane is basically the coolest! She just has the most loving and kind personality, and she really makes me feel important as a person. She is a good listener, and offers suggestions and asks questions in a way that allows you to help yourself, rather than her just telling you what to do. 

No matter what my current struggle or issue is, Diane never makes me feel bad, guilty, or ashamed of anything. She is understanding, non- judgemental, and really just an amazing life coach! I have come a long ways in several areas of my life with her help! She is amazing!

Ashley C

My life changed during and after working with Diane! I’m really glad that I did these sessions with her because it really helped me overcome my difficult experience of moving. Before I started I was a little skeptical and wasn’t sure that it would help because I’ve been to other things that didn’t. I think the best part about this was that I really felt like I would be okay and that what she was teaching me was realistic so I could apply them to my life. As I worked with Diane, I started to feel better and more confident! I was applying a lot of the tools that she gave me and it helped me little by little to get better and feel happier. I felt like Diane really tried to understand what I was going through so then she could show me methods that would help me. I’m really glad that I worked with her because she really helped me not just overcome, but understand how I felt!

 Ashley H

Diane is not just a great listener, she also gives you tools to improve your life situation. I recommend her for kids, teenagers and adults alike. All ages in our family have benefited from her help and advice!

Michelle B

I'm ready for my teen to become more resilient!
I'm ready to do this!

Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed

I am so confident that you will benefit from the Emotional Resilience and Spiritual Strength 12 week course that I offer a satisfaction guarantee. If at any time you aren't getting the value you want then simply let me know. Easy peasy!

Lets become more resilient!

There is no better time to begin!  Join us in JULY! 

Emotional resilience and mental health should be our top priorities right now. The adversary is working harder than ever. 

SO many teens, youth, and adults are hurting. We can't allow Satan to gain any more ground in this battle!

We are seeing what happens when those we care about lose hope. Don't wait until it's too late to begin building your fortress of resilience!

Email me at [email protected] if you have any questions!