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The 5 Words Your Kids Need to Hear

Season #1

Welcome to this week's version of Come Home to Peace. In this episode, I share with you 5 powerful words you can use to express to your teen the joy you get from watching them develop their talents and try new things.

These words not only made a huge difference in the way I interacted with my teens but also the way I felt about watching them push themselves in their activities.

I share a story of a struggling teen who came to me for advice because she felt like her parent's love for her was directly related to how well she played her sports. She wanted to stop playing these sports she had grown to hate, but she didn't know if she could risk losing her parents' love for her.

You may think that you aren't this type of parent, but you may be unintentionally sending your kids the wrong message. Use these 5 words to strengthen their trust in you and your love for them.


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