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When Mom Is Not Well: 9 Tips For Coping with Mental and Health Challenges

Season #1

Between the physical and mental health challenges of our time, almost all of us have times that feel very heavy.

This is especially true for moms. When a mom is unwell it is especially difficult for everyone. 

God never promised us perfect physical and/or mental health. In fact, He knew that as we aged and went throughout our life, we would have many challenges. These struggles help us to appreciate the aspects of our life. We learn from them and find that we can hold space for other people going through similar challenges.

I have experienced seasons of very heavy mental and physical challenges while being a mom. In this podcast episode, I share with you my experiences with severe Post-Partum Depression after my 3rd kid, and my physical challenge of having both my knees replaced in my early 40's. 

I've gathered 9 things you can do to make it through your own challenges - whatever they may be. 

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