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You Are Enough: The Parable of the $100 Bill

Season #1

 One of my most popular speaking topics has to do with the parable of the $100 bill.

I like taking out a crisp, new-looking, $100 bill. It’s the bill that I looked at and envied the most when I was young.

If I were to offer to give this $100 bill to someone, most would surely take it. What could you buy with $100 nowadays? A video game, groceries, gas in your car, a new outfit, or a pair of shoes.

This is a beautiful bill and it has worth and value.

This is how each of us is born. We each come to earth with value. We are crisp and clean. 

But what happens when our $100 bill starts to get a little worn, tattered, wrinkled, maybe even a bit torn?

Do you ever think that your once beautiful $100 bill is starting to look less than perfect, less than desirable? You may even compare that $100 bill to others $100 bill. You may see the ways others' lives look so much better than yours. 

If you were to take that $100 bill to the store to buy something, would the cashier look at the bill and decide it wasn't worth taking? Would she turn you away because your $100 bill doesn't look as good as someone else's?

Let's see what parallels we can draw between this $100 bill and our value and worth. This podcast will be well worth your time listening to.

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