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Help! Am I Failing as a Parent?

Season #1

I am pretty sure I’ve messed up my kids. I’ve made a ton of mistakes. When I was blessed with a 7th child, I was sure there must have been some terrible mixup. What was God thinking to send another kid to my imperfect and messy family? 

I was sure that if I could just get my kids on a church service mission, married in the temple, have kids themselves, and then forge through their trials with faith and gratitude, I could count myself a good parent.

I considered the “milestones” that I had learned about growing up as indicators that I had done my job well. I longed for confirmation from God and others that I was okay. I wanted to be sure that I had been a good parent. Since I was so insecure about my parenting skills, I looked for affirmations from the outside.

But what I’ve learned is that the choices my kids make have nothing to do with how well I parented them. No matter what they do, how they use their agency, paths they follow, choices they make, I am still a good parent. 

Just like the 5 powerful words, we say to our kids from episode 3, we are judged on the process, not the end result. 

My belief is that when all is said and done if we can love our children through all their life choices and decisions, we are successful. 

The key is to learn to love your kids no matter what. That may be one of the hardest things you face. 

I am here for you if you need some encouragement. The time to clean up your parenting style so you don’t have regrets is now.

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