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The Easy-Peasy Micro-Habits You Can Accomplish on Your Worst Day

Season #1

Each year on New Year's Eve, my family had one tradition I did not love. My Grandma would have us write out our goals for the following year on a piece of paper. We’d fold them up and she would store them in this special envelope until the following year. We’d open up our goals and see what goals we had accomplished and then write out new goals for the upcoming year.

At first, I carefully wrote out my biggest dreams and wishes for the year. Some were personal and emotional - like “make new friends”, “be better at playing piano”, “Get good grades.” Some were physical-type goals such as “earn $50”, “Ride my bike 100 miles”.

Somewhere along the line, a shift happened. I began listening to the goals of my aunts and uncles. I started listening to the voices of what others expected of me. My goals began to be goals that I hoped to achieve so I could be “good enough”. 

It didn’t take many years before this activity didn’t bring me happiness and anticipation. I began to dread the opening of the envelope. Would I have achieved anything that would help me be worthy and enough? Nope. Once again, I hadn’t lost the 25 pounds, been asked on any dates, or been any less lonely in school. Every year, opening the envelope became a way for me to see that I couldn’t reach the expectations I had of myself and that I felt like the world had set for me to achieve. 

How many of you believe the same way I did?

In this episode, I'll share with you how I learned to set micro-habits or micro-goals that did start to make a difference in my life. 

These habits are ones I can do on my worst day. They help me become a better version of myself. 

I can't wait for you to try out these scientifically proven techniques!