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The Five Gifts of Failure (Allowing Our Kids and Ourselves to Fail)

Season #1

Is failure a trigger for you? 😟

It sure has been for me. 

If you're like me and are a recovering perfectionist, failure is very uncomfortable. But the more I've practiced failing (yes, you can practice failing!) the better I've become at it. And the better I get at failing, the more successful and happy I've become.  (Sounds backward, right?) 

If you want your kids to be as successful as possible in this time in society and have a leading edge over 90% of the population in the world - teach them to fail.

This podcast will help guide you through that process by changing your mindset around failure using some powerful tools.

Peace in your heart and home has to include peace around failure. You've got this! 💚

I reference Brene Brown's FFT Podcast episode. You can find that podcast here