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Using the Five Love Languages to Strengthen Your Relationship With Your Teen

Season #1

🥰 Words of Affirmation, 🤗 Physical Touch, ⌚ Quality Time, 💁 Acts of Service, and 🎁 Receiving Gifts.

The Five Love Languages, developed by Dr. Gary Chapman (link to his website here) was first published in1973. Since the time he released his first book, he's been able to help us understand ourselves better as well as parent our kids and teenagers in a more efficient way. 

Whether or not you've ever heard of these ideas, every parent will find new inspirational ways to connect, accept, and nurture your teens in this episode.

I'll share stories from my parenting mistakes and wins alongside a bunch of other ideas you can utilize starting right now. 

Your teen needs to experience all love languages to some extent. See what you can find to strengthen your relationship with them in this episode.