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The Proven Impact of Positive Affirmations and Power Words

Season #1

Affirmations can help you create new things in your life. You use them all the time, but most of us don’t recognize them. We get caught up in a trap of negative self-talk and seeing things through negative tinted lenses. But what if we could change all of that? What if we could make our lives better, help us feel more powerful, and get through times of growth easier using positive affirmations?

The thoughts that stay in our mind become who we are and what we believe. Everything on earth and heaven was created first as a thought and then became to be. Think about this for a moment. God had to have had the thought to create the world before the world was created. It didn’t just pop up without God using his mind to create it. 

Same thing goes for every innovator, inventor, writer, movie creator, dreamer, gamer, computer programmer, decorator, baker, traveler - all things that happen are first created in our mind, and then come to life as we act on those thoughts that were created.  

Words are very powerful in the subconscious part of our brain. Whatever words are planted there determine whether new thoughts that come in our head are accepted or bounced out.

Listen to the power that words and thoughts have in this inspiring episode!