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The Ups and Downs of ADHD in the Home (Tips and Tricks I Love)

Season #1

ADD is a place where we are constant reminders for our kids. They get distracted super easily - and even though you reminded them 30 seconds ago, you may be reminding them another 12 times in the next 15 minutes.

 The magic to parenting an ADHD child and staying sane is to love them unconditionally, be the soft place for them to fall, and to have a special bond with them that will not rival any others.

You'll be there to watch their triumphs and their failures. There can be a lot of highs and lows with these amazing kids. Your heart will break at the social struggles they have and soar when they persevere to do something really hard. 

In this episode, I'll share a few tips and tricks that I've used to help stay sane when things get tough.