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Creating Success for Your ADHD Kid in School

Season #1

I used to think that if I was a good parent, my kids would excel in school. I did all the things and all the extra stuff that I thought really made a difference and felt really good about myself.

Then I had a couple special needs kiddos. Now I know that my kids success has nothing to do with my parenting. I work really hard with my kids and they do the best they can. School is just a lot more complicated than it ever was before for me and them.

For example: 

Can you list the 8 steps to successfully completing and turning in an assignment? 

Are you able to accept  messy homework and assignments?

Do you know how much to break down each assignment to be easily understood by your child? They get overwhelmed really easily with large things to do.

Do you understand time dysmorphia?

This podcast episode will cover these questions and more to help you be the best support system for your ADHD kid. They need our love and support because they work very very hard and are rarely recognized for their work.

I've got you covered and can help you help your ADHD child manage school.