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Emotional Resilience Preparation for Missionaries

Season #1

You’ll get your missionaries suits, white shirts, sturdy shoes, and a bike.


But did you teach your missionary how to fail?

Do they know which coping skills to use?

Do they know how to handle stress?

Can they clearly communicate with other young adults?

What happens when they get angry?

How well can they connect with others?

Are they perfectionists?

Parents, these skills aren’t on your missionaries packing list, but in my opinion, they are even more important than anything you can find on their packing list.

They will learn how to study the scriptures, teach, connect with their Heavenly Father, and stretch spiritually while they serve their mission.

But none of that growth will happen without these essential emotional resilience skills.

Here are the 10 questions you can ask yourself to see if your missionary has the emotional resilience to serve a mission.