Is your teen...

  • Anxious
  • Depressed
  • Withdrawn
  • Unable to participate in normal activities
  • Moody
  • Short tempered
  • Struggling in school 
  • Rebellious

Maybe you can relate to Amanda's story below. 

Proven solutions are available. Your teen doesn't have to suffer any longer. 

Amanda came to me last fall, in tears.

Her once cheerful daughter was not the person she used to be.

Once wanting to be with friends, she now seemed to be either on her cell phone or in her room.

Many days her daughter couldn't even make it through her school day. She called or texted home constantly asking her mom to check her out of school. Some mornings she was so sick to her stomach she didn't even make it to school. Although she had been a successful student, Amanda's daughter was now failing classes.

The harder she tried to help her daughter, the more her daughter pushed her away. The most recent therapists that Amanda had tried were more about talk and less about taking actionable steps towards helping her daughter reach her goals.

As Amanda tearfully expressed her concern with her daughter, I reassured her that she wasn't alone and that I had watched over a thousand parents just like her help their teen succeed.

Each week, we carefully worked through adapting powerful resilience skills to her individual struggles. She had simple easy goals and tools to work on each week.

Within a few short months, Amanda felt like she not only had the skills she needed to be the best parent her teen needed, but also the confidence that she knew how to help her daughter by teaching and modeling these skills for her.

Her daughter quickly made progress. Grades went up, new friendships formed and healthy boundaries were embraced. She learned how to express her emotions and had the support at home she could rely on when times were especially tough.

Amanda's daughter began to love school again and attended all her classes regularly. Her grade point average at the end of the school year was the highest it had been in 3 years.


Emotional Resilience Grounded in Scripture uses the most powerful social science tools and combines them with the teachings of Jesus Christ

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As an ICF and CCA certified coach, who also holds certifications in GGC and advanced suicide prevention training, I've helped over two thousand moms and teens just like you. 

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